iPage vs Bluehost

iPage and Bluehost are companies that provide web hosting services for a wide range of businesses. Services range from provision of VPN, WordPress Hosting Management to server plans. Both the companies are owned by Endurance International Group or at least under its umbrella. The latter took form in 1996, and the other one in 1998. Since then they have been providing quality web hosting for their clients with utmost care and reliable service.

iPage vs Bluehost

Before coming into the same ownership, both were considered competitors. Though most people would not know that the same company owns them, users of iPage and Bluehost still draw comparisons between either of them. This is due to the similarities found in the functions both of the hosting sites provide. The differences are the reasons that place them apart and differentiates each of them.

The Prices:

The price is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of getting a service from a provider. The prospective client compares the prices between different vendors in the same way people would do for anything they would want to buy.

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Clients can choose from three different offers that Bluehost makes available to them. One is Basic for $2.95 per month that provides with 1 website, 50 GB of space, unmetered bandwidth, standard performance. This offer also includes domains (including parked and sub) and some email and marketing benefits.

The Plus offer has the same benefits described in basic, but most of them are either unmetered or unlimited (applies to different things) for which they ask for $5.95 / month. The Prime offer has the same offerings for $ 5.95 per month with the addition of Spam expert advice, Domain Privacy and Site Backup.

On the other hand, the iPage web hosting can start from just $ 1.99 per month (way cheaper than the basic of Bluehost). Its features are unlimited in numbers and can include disk space and databases.


Neither BlueHost nor iPage is providing any guarantee for the uptime. BlueHost has a higher uptime of 99.9% based on the statistical evidence. iPage has an uptime of 99.85%, which is 0.15% lower from the uptime performance of Bluehost.


iPage is Boston, Massachusetts, where they have back Generators installed for redundant sourcing. The data centers themselves are placed inside pool racks where they are cooled and stored separately. Mirroring backup is also a daily task for the company.

At the other end, Bluehost also has backup diesel generators, for redundant sourcing but they do not do mirror and back data for their own company, other than for cloud plans.


iPage wins the competition for the best pick for the web hosting services as it provides the best benefits and it does at affordable prices.