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Please help spread the word about Mobile Learning Experience 2012. Feel free to post, tweet, embed, plus, Facebook, and share this commercial with as many educators as you can. Also, share with them that they can save $200 by registering before January 20, 2012.

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Call For Proposals Fri, 30 Sep 2011 11:03:10 +0000 admin Want to share your passion about mobile learning?  Then apply to present at Mobile Learning Experience 2012!

Below is important information for those interested in presenting.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Mobile Learning Experience 2012. As the premiere conference dedicated to mobile learning in K-12 education, Mobile2012 will offer dozens of quality breakout sessions April 11-13, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Breakout sessions are one hour in length, so please propose a session that fits into that amount of time. If you have too much to jam into one hour, consider dividing up the topic and proposing two sessions. If you have material that will only fill a half hour then consider finding a partner to present with. These often make for a more interesting presentations, especially if you can set up two contrasting ideas.

Please make it clear in your description if your session might be more appropriate to beginning, intermediate, or advanced users. We want conference participants to have as much information as possible when selecting sessions to attend.

The deadline for presentation applications is November 16, 2011. We will contact you prior to January  10, 2012 to let you know if your proposal has been accepted.

We are particularly interested in sessions with a focus on personalized learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and the management of  technology. We are also looking for sessions that are subject-specific (for example, math activities for primary students using iPad, using netbooks to improve middle school writing).

Remember, participants in your sessions won’t be happy with sage-on-the-stage style lectures. Mobile2012 will be accepting presentations that are interactive, foster conversations, and inspire.

If you know someone who would make a great presenter for our event, please send them a link to the proposal form.

We will be using the exact wording you provide on your application to create  Mobile2012’s program, so enter your information as you would like it to be represented. Be sure to copyedit your work using proper grammar and punctuation. We thank you in advance for your proofreading.

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is not able to pay presenters’ expenses. If your session is accepted, the lead presenter will receive a $50 discount on registration. Registration rates are:

    • Early Bird registration with overnight accommodations: $695
    • Early Bird registration without overnight accommodations: $495
    • Regular registration with overnight accommodations: $895
    • Regular registration without overnight accommodations: $695

Information we ask on the Call for Proposals form.

  1. Last Name – Lead presenter’s last name
  2. First Name – Lead presenter’s first name
  3. Email Address – We won’t publish this, but it’s needed so conference organizers can contact the lead presenter.
  4. City, State, Country – Where the lead presenter works or lives.
  5. School or Organization – Where the lead presenter works or wishes to be affiliated.
  6. Session Title – Under 11 words.
  7. Session Description – Sell your session in under 350 words. Make it exciting and specific so that participants know how they will be spending their hour with you. Indicate any apps that should be installed ahead of time. Write in third person since this exact text will appear in the program.
  8. Session Type – Select Lecture, Panel, Outdoor Activity, Hands-on, Vendor Showcase, Student Showcase
  9. Audience – Select all that apply for your intended audience.
  10. Devices – This is the spot to indicate if a specific device is the focus of your session.
  11. Willing to Repeat? – We may want to repeat come sessions. Do you mind repeating this session?
  12. Biography – Tell us about the lead presenter. This biography will appear on and should be written in third person.
  13. Experience as a presenter – This will not be published anywhere, but it can help our team decide to accept your proposal.
  14. Links to personal videos, books, websites – This will not be published anywhere, but it can help our team decide to accept the proposal.
  15. Website – Enter the URL of your website. Your name will link to this URL from the Speakers page on
  16. Twitter – Enter the lead presenter’s Twitter URL (optional)
  17. Google Plus – Enter the lead presenter’s Google Plus URL (optional)
  18. Facebook – Enter the lead presenter’s Facebook URL (optional)
  19. LinkedIn – Enter the lead presenter’s LInkedIn URL (optional)
  20. Co-Presenters – Please enter names of any co-presenters. Please note that lead presenters are responsible for communicating presentation information to any co-presenters.
  21. Additional Notes – Is there anything else the Mobile2012 team should know about your proposal?

We thank you so much for taking the time to submit a proposal. Please email or with questions.

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Meet the Arizona K12 Center Fri, 30 Sep 2011 10:52:48 +0000 admin The Arizona K12 Center, part of Northern Arizona University, has partnered with a group of educators who are passionate about mobile learning to bring you the Mobile Learning Experience 2011. The Center’s professional development opportunities have a reputation for being top-notch, making them the perfect organization to facilitate mobile 2011.

The Arizona K12 Center began as an initiative from Governor Jane Dee Hull that would support teacher professional development so that teachers, in turn, could enhance their students’ learning.

The Legislature approved and funded the Arizona K12 Center to begin in July, 1999. In the next several years, the Center expanded by collaborating and partnering with Arizona’s universities, other state and national learning institutions, educational organizations, and community and business leaders.

Currently, the Arizona K12 Center continues to bring innovative ideas and professional development support to Arizona educators. Under the leadership of its Board of Directors, the Regents’ Universities and other stakeholders, the Center is shaping a more pro-active role in developing teacher leadership and providing quality professional development opportunities to educators to improve teaching practice and student achievement.

Most quality school reform efforts focus primarily on the end result of improving K12 student performance. At the core of these efforts is a call to rethink the practice of teaching in ways that would raise standards, increase student achievement, reshape curricula, and restructure the way schools operate. The Arizona K12 Center was created to bring these topics into focus in order to increase Arizona teachers’ abilities to improve student performance. The Center supports the professional development of educators as they work to become teacher leaders in their schools and assist their students in achieving the high standards that have been set.

Follow the Arizona K12 Center on Twitter and Facebook.

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Meet Tony Vincent Fri, 30 Sep 2011 10:50:47 +0000 admin Tony Vincent started teaching fifth grade in Omaha, Nebraska thirteen years ago when it wasn’t so easy to publish online. Knowing that students were motivated to see their work on the Web, Tony first had students write their book reviews on  Later his students spent each school year adding to their classroom site, Planet 5th. They published writing, photos, journals, art, videos, and more. Planet 5th became so popular that it received thousands of hits from around the world. In 2001, Tony and his students began using Palm handheld computers and added a “Learning in Hand” section to Planet 5th. Tony witnessed how empowered his students were using the Palms, and was called a “tireless evangelist for the power of handhelds” by Edutopia magazine.

In 2004 Tony became Willowdale Elementary’s technology specialist. He worked with students in grades kindergarten through five and their teachers to integrate technology. As tech specialist, he continued to have student contribute to the web. He developed Radio WillowWeb (Radio for Kids, by Kids) in 2005, making it the first podcast from an American elementary school.

Tony left regular teaching at Willowdale to become an independent consultant in 2006. While he misses his former school, he’s had an amazing few years. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony has worked with K-12 teachers and students from around the world. Tony co-wrote Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators, a book about handheld computers, iPods, and podcasting. He presents at educational conferences and travels to schools to deliver workshops to teachers and students. Currently popular topics include iPod touch, iPad, podcasting, and web tools.

Tony brings his expertise and enthusiasm for empowering teachers and students to Mobile Learning Experience 2012′s planning team.

Tony Vincent’s websites include Learning in HandTonyVincent.netOur City Podcast, and the Arizona K12 Center Technology Blog. Follow Tony on Twitter at

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Meet Katherine Burdick Tue, 20 Sep 2011 16:00:24 +0000 admin The Mobile Learning Experience is the result of Katherine Burdick’s desire to gather those interested in mobile learning together to talk successes, challenges, and ideas. Katherine connected with Tony Vincent, a fellow Arizona resident, and they began planning The Mobile Learning Experience 2011. Putting on a conference is a big undertaking, so they partnered with the Arizona K12 Center.In its second year, Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is made possible by the work of many people, especially Katherine.

Katherine Burdick has worked in the education sector for over thirty years. Using her experiences as a teacher and a school administrator, she has developed a strong track record of creating innovative leading educational products while holding marketing and editorial positions within companies such as Pearson Education and Scholastic Inc. For the last seven years she has worked for Learning A-Z ; a company that delivers educational resources in reading, writing, and science, over the Internet. where she is Vice President of Development. Katherine lead LearningA-Z’s app development making it the first company to provide leveled books in the iTunes store.

Katherine has presented at many conferences, including TEC, ISTE, ASCD and the Global Learning Conference. Katherine reviews apps for education helping educators cull the best from the 33,000 educational apps posted in iTunes. Most importantly, Katherine will be presenting sessions at The Mobile Learning Experience 2012. Be sure to follow her website,  Twitter and Google+.

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