We want you to present at Mobile Learning Experience 2012!
The Call for Proposals is open until November 16, 2011.

Keynote Speakers Include Jaime Casap, Eric Marcos, and Janet Wozniak

Jaime Casap
Opening Dinner Keynote

Jaime Casap is a Senior Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. He is responsible for working with K12 educational institutions and organizations to bring current and future technological innovations into the education environment. In his role, he evangelizes the power of technology and the use of Google tools, such as Google Apps and Chromebooks, to help students build the skills needed to succeed, close the digital divide, and help level the playing field.  He has worked with hundreds of school districts, charter schools, and has created partnerships with organizations in states such as Oregon, Iowa, New York, Missouri, and Rhode Island, to build the capability to bring Google tools to millions of administrators, teachers, and students.

Born and raised as a first generation American to a single mother on welfare in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Jaime understands and appreciates the power of education in changing the destiny of a family in just one generation. He wants to make sure that education continues to be the silver bullet it was for him.

In addition to his work at Google, Jaime is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, where he teaches graduate classes in leadership, organizational behavior, innovation, and public policy.

Jaime also serves on Arizona’s STEM Education Advisory Board, Harvard’s Unleashing Innovation in Education committee, Arizona State University’s School of Engineering Advisory Board, New Global Citizen’s Board of Directors, and is a member of Jeb Bush and Bob Wise’s Digital Learning Council.

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Eric Marcos
Thursday Keynote

Eric Marcos is a 6th grade mathematics teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, California. Eric empowers his students to be content creators by sharing videos on his site Mathtrain.TV.

Mathtrain.TV  was created to host student-created math video lessons all in one place.  It is Web 2.0 friendly with its ability for users to generate “ratings” and “comments”.  His middle school students use tablet computers to create their videos that are designed with the motto, “kids teaching kids.” The videos are very popular and are downloaded thousands of times as a podcast in iTunes.

Eric’s education background includes Harvard Graduate School of Education, Ed.M., and Boston College, B.A. He’s taught in Santa Monica, San Diego, and Boston.

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Janet Wozniak
Friday Keynote

Janet Wozniak is a K-20 Education Development Executive for Apple. She has extensive experience in the educational technology field. Formerly a math and science teacher, Janet has a strong tie to education. She has been called the “Mary Poppins” at Apple because of her love of technology and people.

Janet received her education degree from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. She has Masters Degrees in Biology, Instructional Technology, and Gifted Education. Janet is an avid ornithologist and enjoys yearly trips to South America to study birds and ecology.

Janet’s interest in teaching people how to utilize technology stems from her experience in the classroom as well as growing up in a family of educators. Janet’s goal is to help other people find ways to make teachnology an invisible tool with which to explore the world.

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