Inspiring Moment from Mobile Learning Experience 2011

by Tony Vincent

One of the highlights for me at Mobile Learning Experience 2011 was connecting with fantastic educators. One of them was Eva Griffin. Eva Griffin is a fifth grade teacher at Wilson Elementary School in the South Mississippi County School District in Arkansas. I got a chance to work with Eva and some of her students at a workshop in their school district in 2010. Eva was a prolific blogger at Mobile Learning Experience 2011. Check out her posts.

Eva is a brilliant educator for many reasons. She incorporates project-based learning, publishes student work, and integrates one-to-one iPod touches daily. But what really makes her stand out is her relationship with her students.

I caught her between sessions at Mobile Learning Experience 2011 in the corner of a breakout room. She was Skyping (or perhaps FaceTiming) with her students from her iPod touch! She was telling them about what she was learning at the conference (until I interrupted).

This was actually one of my favorite parts of 2011′s conference. To see Eva connect and communicate with her fifth graders from 1,200 miles away was inspiring. I whipped out my iPhone and took a short video of the moment.

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is sure to have its share of inspiring moments as well. Please considering joining other brilliant educators April 11-13, 2012 in Phoenix! Registration ends March 19 or when all 300 spots are filled.

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