Let’s Crowdsource Sharing Sessions

There are seven sharing sessions scheduled at Mobile Learning Experience 2012. Topics for many of these slots will be crowdsourced, meaning that those attending the conference have a say in what’s offered. The breakout room for sharing sessions will have a projector and document camera, allowing for any participant to share apps, ideas, examples, student work, etc.

Like other breakout sessions, sharing sessions are 60 minutes in length. Look over the agenda and program to get an idea of the topics already offered. Sharing sessions can be a great way to fill in topics missing from the main program and for those who aren’t part of a regular breakout session to share, present, discuss, and contribute.

If you are attending Mobile Learning Experience 2012, please use this Google Moderator series to submit your suggestions for sharing sessions and to vote on those already submitted. You will need to log in with your Google Account. Possible topics include high school math, Android app suggestions, movie-making tips, web-based tools for science, fostering collaboration, apps for very young students, etc.

Please submit suggestions and votes before April 5th. If you vote early, please check back later to vote on topics submitted since your last visit to the Google Moderator series. The sessions will be announced after April 5th and added to the agenda and program.

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is seeking volunteers to facilitate each sharing session. Please complete this short form if you are interested in facilitating a session.

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