Kids Teaching Kids

Eric Marcos is Mobile Learning Experience 2012′s Thursday Keynote Speaker. He’s co-presenting with one of his students, Andrew Rothman, about MathTrain.TV. MathTrain.TV is a “kids teaching kids” project by Eric and his students at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, California. For the last several years Eric’s students have been creating and sharing screencasts that cover a range of math topics. They use software to combine what they say with what they write to make videos that are freely available online and in iTunes.

MathTrain even has an app for iOS. The app is designed by Andrew Rothman so participants in the Mobile Learning Experience 2012 will get to hear a student’s perspective on app development and on podcasting.

To learn more about Eric and MathTrain.TV, watch the three minute video about the MathTrain.TV Story.

Eric has found that students can do some remarkable things when they are encouraged to participate in the learning and teaching process. Come hear Eric April 12, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona at Mobile Learning Experience. Registration closes March 19.

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